Dragon Descendants Museum

Giant Dragon

One of the latest major tourist attractions to open in Thailand is the Dragon Descendants Museum (พิพิธภัณฑ์ลูกหลานพันธุ์มังกร) in Suphanburi Province. Like the Erawan Museum in Samut Prakan that is shaped like a three-headed elephant, this museum is also a “Wonder of Thailand”. One of those rare places where perhaps the building itself is more interesting and beautiful than the artifacts it holds within. In the case of this museum, the building is in the shape of a giant dragon. It dominates the landscape as you drive towards the city pillar shrine. The brightly coloured dragon, which is made of fiberglass, is 135 meters long and 35 meters high. It is 18 meters wide.

Giant Dragon

Giant Dragon

Map showing location of  Dragon Descendants Museum:

GPS Coordinates: 14.478429, 100.111638

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  1. Helmut says:

    Very nice photos. I wish there would be more information about the location (GPS coordinates is ok) and I’m interested in the camera and camera settings.
    Sorry I’m not supporting Twitter + Facebook.

    But I will open it now in Photoshop and hopefully with ‘File info…’ i get above infos.


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