Palio Khao Yai in Pak Chong

Palio Khao Yai

Palio Khao Yai (ปาลิโอ เขาใหญ่) is an Italian-style village located in the Northeast of Thailand. It’s popular with Thais who can make believe they are in a Tuscany village on the other side of the world. The project has 173 shops and restaurants as well as accommodation with 18 rooms. It is free to wander around and take pictures.


Palio KhaoYai


  1. Jos Schiepers says:

    Mr. Richard i just want to say a big thanks for all the effort you make to keep us dayly informed about the political situation in Bangkok.
    And for the wonderful pictures which often tell more than words can do. It is a pleasure to follow you on the internet.

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